Aug 06 2009

Education Tax Refund – what’s eligible and what’s not.

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Education Tax Refund – what you need to know

Items which qualify as eligible education expenses

Eligible education expenses are items that support a child’s or independent student’s primary or secondary school education. They include the purchase, lease, hire or hire-purchase costs, repairs and running costs of:

* laptops, home computers and associated costs
* computer-related equipment such as printers, USB flash drives, as well as disability aids to assist in the use of computer equipment for students with special needs
* home internet connections, including the costs of establishing and maintaining them
* computer software for educational use
* word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software, internet filters and antivirus software
* school textbooks and other paper-based school learning material, including prescribed textbooks, associated learning materials, study guides and stationery, and
* prescribed trade tools – for example, tools required to complete a school-based apprenticeship.

Remember, eligible expenses should be listed separately and receipts kept for the purposes of calculating your claim. Receipts may be necessary to prove the information you provided on your claim.
Expenses that are not eligible

Education expenses that are not eligible include:

* school fees
* school uniform expenses
* student attendance at school-based extra curricular activities such as excursions and camps
* tutoring costs
* sporting equipment
* musical instruments
* school subject levies – for example, payment for consumables for particular subjects such as woodwork, art or home science
* building levies
* library book fees
* school photos
* donations
* tuck shop expenses
* waiting list fees
* transport
* membership fees, and
* computer games and consoles.

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